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SmartBrix, a product of Bondada Engineering Private Limited, is a light weight autoclaved aerated concrete brick / block with high dimensional accuracy. These blocks are manufactured through world class automated process plant technology. SmartBrix can be used for all types of building constructions including high rise buildings for speedy and economic constructions.

About SmartBrix

SmartBrix Infra Technologies Pvt Ltd is wholly subsidiary of Bondada Engineering Private Limited (BEPL). SmartBrix’s core expertise lies in providing qualitative and durable products that meet today’s construction requirements. The ISO 9001:2008 and Green product certified company has been forefront at meeting customers’ expectations. The experienced team of professionals ensure soli olutions for smarter and reliable construction.

Light weight, High Compressive Strength AAC Blocks

Light weight, High Compressive Strength AAC Blocks


What are AAC Blocks?

Autoclaved Aerated concrete (AAC), or otherwise known as Autoclave Cellular Concrete (ACC) is a lightweight, precast building material and provides structure, insulation, fire and mold resistance in a single material. AAC products include blocks, wall panels, floor and roof panels, and lintels.

It has since been refined into a high thermally insulating concrete-based material used for construction both internally and externally. Besides insulating capability, one of AAC’s advantages in construction is its quick and easy installation since the material can be routed, sanded and cut to size on site using standard carbon steel band saws, hand saws and drills.

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Even though regular cement mortar can be used, 98% of the buildings erected with AAC materials use thin bed mortar, which comes to deployment in a thickness of â…› inch. This varies on national building codes and creates solid and compact building members. AAC material can be coated with a stucco compound or plaster against the elements. Siding materials such as brick or vinyl siding can also be used to cover the outside of AAC materials.

Key Features

Light Weight

Thermal Insulations

Termite Resistance


Fire Resistance

High dimensional accuracy


Leak Proof

High compressive strength

Ease of working

Cost Saving

SmartBrix Vs. Conventional Bricks

ParticularsSmartBrixRegular Clay Bricks
Size (LxHxB) 600mm x 200mm x 75mm,
100mm, 150mm, 200mm &
225mm x 100mm x75mm
Structural CostSteel Saving Upto 15% No Saving
Mortar Consumption / Cu.M with 1:6 0.5 bag of cement (due to flat, even surfaces & less no. of joints)1.35 bag of cement (due to irregular surface and more no. of joints)
BreakageLess than 3%Upto 15%
Construction speed Speedy construction due to its big size, light weight & easy to cut in any size or shapeComparatively slow
QualityUniform & Consistent Normally varies
Carpet Area More due to less thickness of walls Comparatively low
AvailabilityAny time Shortage in monsoon
Energy Saving Approx. 30% reduction in airconditioned load No such savings
Chemical Composition Sand/Flyash used around 60 – 70% which reacts with Lime & Cement to form AACSoil is used which contains many inorganic impurities like sulphates etc. resulting in efflorescence
Precision In Size Variation 1.00 (+/-) mm Variation 3.15 (+/-)
Compressive Strength 3.5-4.5N/mm2(As per IS:2185 part III) 2.5 – 3.0 N/mm2
Sound Reduction Index1(dB)45 for 200 mm thick wal50 for 230 mm thick wall
Thermal Conductivity.(Kw-m/C)0.16 0.81
Cost benefit factor Savings up to 24% in structural cost due to reduction of dead load (Subject to project design)No such savings
Weight550 to 600 kg/Cubic meter 1950 to 2000 kg/Cubic meter

Thicknessmm75,100,125,150, 200 & 230
Size Tolerance mm+1 or -1
Compressive Strength N/mm2 >3.5
Normal Dry Density Kg/m3 550-650
Fire Resistance Hrs.2 to 6 (Depending on Thickness)
Thermal Conductivity W/m-k 0.16
Sound Reduction Index Db45 for 200 mm Thick Wall
Modulus of Elasticity Mpa2040
Thermal Resistance (R Value) M2-0 K/w 0.46
Dry Shrinkage %0.04

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